From a young age, the value of a strong support system was imparted to me by the intentional community I grew up in. This instilled in me an understanding of the timeless concept that it takes community to raise a child and to be a parent. Connection is the heart of community. Spending most of my time outside, enjoying the mysteries of the forest surrounding our home, and celebrating the natural rhythms of nature through creative expression, I was raised as an only child in an open adoption, which is a huge part of my identity. I believe that an open bond with loved ones and individuals surrounding you is what builds valuable relationships, and gives us a deeper sense of belonging. I am called to this work to assist, support and empower birthing people and families during this sacred time of transition.

As for art, I was raised in a very artistic home and it was something that I always enjoyed. I spent my earlier years attending a Waldorf school where art was a very prominent form of learning and we were always encouraged to be creative. I truly believe art and the creative process involved in artistic self-expression can help people to resolve conflicts, manage behaviour, reduce stress, increase self-esteem, self-awareness, and achieve insight.